What is Team FanClub?

What is Team FanClub?

Team FanClub Inc., provides NIL Agreements that allow NCAA alumni and fans to sponsor thru contracts directly to their favorite NCAA team or student-athletes.

Yes, sponsors (alumni, fans) get a genuine financial relationship with your College team or individual athlete and its totally legal. 

Yes, we have the largest inventory of 1145 Schools in Division I,II, and III. Listing over 14,000 Sports teams. We are set-up for every revenue or non-revenue team in the NCAA.

Yes, a NIL business relationship with athletes now has no interference from the school like before.

Yes, now your NIL transaction will be permitted and compliant as Team FanClub provides a consistent legal contract for payment and tax withholding to student-athletes with financial discipline with monthly payments, instead of a lump sum.

Yes, the school compliance officer gets to review the agreement at most schools, in the State of Ohio which has the longest waiting period, the offer must be reviewed 15 days before signature. We wanted a direct relationship for athletes that does not require an agent or large fee. Your Sponsor relationship is direct with your favorite athlete and or team. Our monthly payments, one-time payments, or custom payments will provide both athletes and teams with stability and transactional security by using the Stripe Connect paywall.

Yes, custom donors can request a custom solution with our concierge helpdesk. Custom donors can pay by ACH or check.

Yes, fans can use their social media, contacts, and alumni families to grow the campaign for the schools athletes!

Yes, fans can help stabilize transfers for coaches with a consistent monthly income for athletes on the team. Players only get paid when they stay enrolled at the school.

The transfer portal has created a higher risk for fans and coaching NCAA teams. The transfer portal has put fans at risk with sudden roster changes at end of every season in almost every sport.